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How To Hide Secret Files Inside Calculator On Android

Hello and welcome everyone to Tech2talk in today’s tutorial we are going to discuss on how to hide secret files inside calculator on Android. Yes, you heard totally right after applying this simple trick you can easily hide your private files on Android.
The tutorial is super easy anyone who has a basic android knowledge can do this trick easily, Do ask your queries in the comment box and we will try to solve it asap. Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed.
So Without any further Do, let’s get started…
How To Hide Secret Files Inside Calculator On Android
Things You Need??
1. Android Device
2. Smart Hide Calculator App [DOWNLOAD]
Step 1: Download, Install and Open Smart Hide Calculator App
Step 2: Now the application will ask you to set a passcode. Set your desired passcode.
Step 3: After setting up the passcode. Now you will get an option like this shown below. All you have to do is select the option ” Hide Files ” and then choose the desired files that you want to hide. For unhiding, all you have to do is tap on “UnHide Files” option and then tap on the three-dot menu located in the upper right and then tap on Unhide All. That’s it.
How To Hide Secret Files Inside Calculator On Android
Note: 1. The secret screen’s UI(the one with hide and unhide buttons) may look a little weird on small screen sizes.
Note: 2. In case the user forgets the password he/she can recover it by going into password recovery mode(by pressing 123456789+987654321 in the calculator) and providing the secondary password.
Note 3: If you want to open the vault (Private) section, you just need to enter the password in the calculator screen and then press the ‘=’ button.
I hope you liked our article for more Tech related stuff do visit Tech2talk Daily.
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