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How To Use WhatsApp Unsend Feature (Official Feature Nov-2017)

Yes, This is True, Verified and Official that from now you can use WhatsApp unsend feature to delete or unsend the sent messages in Whatsapp. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you accidentally wrote Best of Fuck instead of Best of Luck, I know it scares but from now you can come out of this situation easily. The messenger king Whatsapp has rolled out an amazing new as well as a useful feature which is letting users delete sent messages.
Things To be Noted:
1. You Must Have the latest version of Whatsapp
2. You have to delete the message within 7 minutes.
The tutorial is super easy anyone can do this trick very easily do ask your queries in the comment box and we will try to solve it asap. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.
Things you need??
1. The latest version of Whatsapp Messenger.
Without any further do let’s get started

How To Use Whatsapp Unsend Feature

Step 1: Open the chat of the person whom you accidentally sent the message.
Step 2: No Need to say sorry to him or her, Simply Long press the message and Tap on delete icon and then tap on the option which says “DELETE FOR EVERYONE”, After successful deletion, you will get a message ” You Deleted this message“, That’s it voila you did it.
How To Use WhatsApp Unsend Feature (Official Feature November 2017)
One more thing to be noted or you can say a limitation that is your text will be replaced with a “this message was deleted” notice (meaning, you will still have some justification to do).
I hope you liked our article How To Use WhatsApp Unsend Feature for more do visit ThExpertGeek daily.

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