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Easily Secure Your Web Browsing with Free Chrome Extension

What is TunnelBear? TunnelBear (also known as the TunnelBear VPN) is a virtual private network and it is a Google Chrome extension. It is one of the most loved VPN (Virtual Proxy Network) services because of its simplicity and clean interface. It is similar to other VPNs, has the ability to bypass content blocking in most countries. Now, the company has decided to make this service even handier by launching an extension for your Google Chrome browser. So, now you can maintain your privacy more easily. TunnelBear plans to release the extension for other browsers including Safari, Firefox and more. There are ways to identify VPN connections, by maintaining a database of known IP addresses or using plugins to detect the underlying IP address, it is difficult if precautions are taken. TunnelBear extension is available only for Google Chrome and it is so fast and so easy that you should be using it in your everyday Internet activity And VPN services are offered in three different ways:
  • Server information that users need to connect to using the operating system's networking options
  • Standalone programs that establish these connections
  • Browser extensions or plugins for select programs
Also, here are some of the services provided by the TunnelBear extension for Chrome:
  • Stop web sites and advertisers from tracking you.
  • While using public WiFi, secure your browsers identity.
  • Free data every month.
  • Take the advantage of a fast VPN private network with connections to 14 countries.
How to Tunnel with the bear?
  • To get started, download the TunnelBear extension from the Chrome Web Store. And it still says beta in the store, but this is the official release.
  • After its installed, you'll see a TunnelBear icon appear to the right of Chromes address bar, along with all your other extensions.
  • Then TunnelBear should start up right away and a new tab will open letting you know you can start your bear-owsing this company has yet to meet a bear pun it didn't like.
  • Once thats done, next you're good to go. If you're a TunnelBear paying user you can click on the extensions icon, select the settings option in the upper right corner, and then sign-in to your account.
  • Initially by default, TunnelBear connects you to a VPN server in the U.S.; however you can change that in the main dropdown interface. And if you ever want to turn off TunnelBear, just click the on/off slider at the top of the dropdown.
  • If you're a subscriber, TunnelBear's Chrome extension gives you the same usage rights as the desktop apps. The same goes for free users that mean you only get 500 megabytes of protected browsing in the Chrome extension. So that’s enough for some casual email or web browsing, however as soon as you start streaming video that limit will get eaten up pretty quickly.
The above are the basics of TunnelBear for Chrome. So simply remember the extension covers only your regular browsing. It won't work with desktop apps like Sling TV or other browsers. TunnelBear also won't affect your browsing when in incognito mode since Google doesn't allow extensions to function in the stealth browser window. If you do need a VPN to cover more than just your web browsing then a service with a desktop app is a better choice. If you like this article and want to find more information about Windows SFTP server I recommend you to check our Windows SFTP website.
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