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Top 5 apps to delete duplicate files on your computer to win additional space.

Although the hard disk drive capacity today has become largest, but we want to get rid of duplicate files on our computers files, such as images, documents, music and videos. but identify these files will be very hard without assistance programs that could identify all these types of files quickly and easily remove them.

Duplicate Files Finder

Tool very simple, and only focus in its mission: to search for duplicate files on your hard drive files, the program finds matching files only, so it may not work well with photos or music.


AllDup is a complete program, with a varied menu of features and customization options. It is an ideal and important program for those who are looking for a sophisticated tool to search for duplicate files. Unlike the first, AllDup allows you to locate duplicate files and according to several criteria: name, content type, creation date, etc. You can download the program for the Windows operating system.

Duplicate Cleaner

Although it is easy to use, but it requires some effort to set it up when you want to use for the first time the program allow you select the folders and places that analysis option, specifying the criteria used to determine whether a duplicate file. In addition you can also some appropriate customization options you set.


This program is important and very useful if you search for duplicate photos in your device, you may be surprised the results that may be obtained. the program enables you to choose customization you see fit, and when to find duplicate photos lets you program for you to decide what to do in each case : either delete, delete all, and move on to somewhere else.


We conclude this list this wonderful and small-scale program, you can program to identify duplicate files on your computer and remove them immediately in order to reduce the hard drive space on your computer. The program contains an extensive list of options and preferences to adjust the search criteria, and allows you to view the results in different ways.
Top 5 apps to delete duplicate files on your computer to win additional space. Reviewed by Iliass Bahtat on 12:53:00 PM Rating: 5
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