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How to earn some gifts! 'FANCY'

I will be teaching you how to make money / get free items by building a referral network.
This method has been tested by me my friends and a lot of other people.
All you need to do is invite people to fancy
Now before you start, take at look at this article.
Its damn long. lol
I really spent a while writing it and working everything out so I would really appreciate it if you would use my referral link when signing up
Make sure to read through the whole tutorial , you will thank me later 


1.Either register using Facebook or your email address
2.Confirm your email address
3.Skip all the unnecessary stuff fancy offers you
4. Go to the You/Settings tab
5. Go to the credits tab on the left side
6. Click the link at the bottom where it says "Earn money by inviting your friends"
7. Copy your individual referrer link and link it some of your friends and tell them to sign up.


fancy is a site where you can buy overpriced items.
The items seem to have such a marge on them that fancy really doesn't care about giving away some free money.
They will be giving you 1$ for every e-mail confirmed IP Individual Sign up on this site.
The credits that youre getting on this site, can be redeemed for items that are either shipped to you or sent via email.
You can even pay the mail off of your fancy credits.
How to earn some gifts! 'FANCY' Reviewed by Iliass Bahtat on 12:11:00 PM Rating: 5
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