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recent New Tips to earn point easy [TUTO] {UPDATE} N°3

After the last Update,The Administration of Made an new role!
- If you en-in so many in the same picture, you will be BLOCKED for 1 hour!
-If you click and you have a lot of these messages you will be BLOCKED..

                             "You have already +in-ed this picture to the specified album."
A picture of the problem.
Soo I thinks to solve this by choosing albums you never +in and get all picture's url and with these urls we can start earning!
See this video you will understand and know how to use our program..

WIN 64bits: OR
WIN 32bits: OR
THE PASSWORD: geekpro007
If you have this problem with my program: 

Follow my instructions to fix it :
1-download the curl in this link :
2-extract the file rar 
3-copy files to the boot folder and then it will work

How to use the new update?
After you Get your Configs...
1-You should lanch the "AutoInHistoryFill" Just for the first time!
NOTE: If you have a lot of account you should Launch "AutoInHistoryFill" For every account!
2-And Every time you want to start earning you should Goo and Search an Good Album What i mean with this "an album NO ECCHI NO PORN" ,And put The URL TO Collect The urls in this "app AutoInAlbum".
Note: Exchange Albums in this groupe émoticône tongue ! Groupe:
3-and Start The app "AutoInMainApp"! And Start Earning!
if you launch the app and it's Closed after a few click Change the Goal From 1000 to another number More Higher!
If you have any question Ask it in comments :))


 - If you have any comment or suggestion which can improve this application just Join us in this      Facebook Groupe And post your suggestion or you problem if you have any problem. 
 - Link of the Groupe:

                                    WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT THANK YOU! New Tips to earn point easy [TUTO] {UPDATE} N°3 Reviewed by Iliass Bahtat on 1:24:00 PM Rating: 5
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